Huwebes, Agosto 11, 2011

Lesson 14: The Software as an Educational Resource

When people think about computers, they imagine the computer machine with monitor screen, keyboard, and “the box” or CPU which contains the electronic parts and circuits. It is more difficult to realize, however, that the computer hardware can hardly be useful without the program or system that tells what the computer machine should do. This is also called the software.
2 types of software:
1. Systems software- this is the operating system that is found or bundled inside all computer machines.
2. Applications software- this contains the system that commands the particular task or solves a particular problem.
Microsoft Windows
This is also referred to as program. Microsoft Windows or Windows for short is an operating environment between the user and the computer operating system. Also called a shell, it is a layer that creates the way the computer should work. Windows uses a colourful graphics interface (called GUI- “gooee”) that can be seen on the computer screen or monitor whenever the computer is turned on.
Instructional Software
This can be visited on the internet or can be bought from software shops or dealers. The teacher through his school should decide on the best computer-based instructional (CBI) materials for the school resource collection. But beware since CBIs need much improvement, while web-based educational resources are either extremely good or what is complete garbage.
The computer has paved the way for learning in a new light. It has given human race a lot of advantages from the time it has been invented.  Now the computer has been used widely and optimally in educational settings. Most of the educational materials used by the teachers nowadays are web-based softwares. It is attractive with colourful graphics, sounds and videos; so catching that you really want to download it.
The sense of patriotism among us has slowly faded away because of computer. Children and young adults do not find it fun to play traditional games like tumbang preso, luksong-tinik and etc. Most of us are fond of playing online games like Farmville, cityville and more or download games from the internet like Plants vs. Zombies. But in so much of these, it has really change lives of people and gives us the realization that man is really ingenious and resourceful.

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